Baby teeth and your child’s dental future

Children’s teeth need to be looked after very gently and carefully. Primary teeth or baby teeth helps enhance a child’s speaking ability and chewing function; at the same time they are also preparing the way for secondary teeth. You can help give your children healthy teeth and gums just by following a simple dental routine.

The team here at Kings Langley Dental believe it is important that children have a smooth introduction to dentistry. Our team really enjoys treating children and we strive to make your children feel happy and comfortable at our practice.

Save $1000 on children’s dentistry with the new Child Dental Benefits Schedule

At Kings Langley Dental we believe every child should have a beautiful, healthy smile.

We are now proud to provide the Child Dental Benefits Schedule for families that are eligible. The benefits of this scheme include $1000 of basic dental services per child over two consecutive years. The Child Dental Benefits Schedule replaces the Medicare Teen Dental Plan from 1 January 2014.

These Services include:

  • * General check-ups
  • * X-rays
  • * Cleaning
  • * Fillings
  • * Extractions
  • * Fissure sealants

Nitrous Oxide

This relaxant gas is very popular among anxious patients, also known as HAPPY GAS. You will feel relaxed almost immediately upon breathing it in. When your treatment is finished, it will only take a few minutes for the effects to subside. You will be able to drive home or back to work and go about your day normally after treatment.

We love helping fearful patients get back on track with dental care. It is so rewarding to see the transformation that takes place when your child overcomes their apprehensions. This enables your child to receive the dental care they require easily, comfortably and conveniently.

Your child’s smile is our passion

Our aim is to introduce a positive dental experience to our young patients in a fun way, so that everyone feels safe, comfortable and special.

Much of our work here at Kings Langley Dental is focused on ensuring children are comfortable and relaxed while they receive the best dental care available.

We believe that children become part of a cavity-free generation by taking pride in their healthy smile and responsibility for their oral hygiene early on.

We know that a healthy diet and good oral care are essential for a healthy lifestyle and our aim is to promote this.