3 Easy Tips to help your kids get over their fear of the dentist


The Best Ways To Help Kids Overcome Their Fear Of The Dentist

At Kings Langley Dental we understand a trip to the dentist can be a daunting experience. Lying in a room in an unfamiliar chair surrounded by unfamiliar noises and objects, while a stranger is poking unusual instruments in your mouth is a lot to take in at a young age. That’s why we promote parents to encourage a positive outlook on their child’s trip to the dentist.

Tip #1 Start young

Familiarising your little ones with the dentist at a young age will help make them feel more comfortable in the dental office. It is also important for their oral health to visit the dentist early. The importance of a child’s primary teeth is just as essential as their adult teeth and is actually quite significant for their future development! When your child’s teeth develop, they are not only helping them eat and provide structural support to the face, they also help your child through the beginning stages of speaking and forming words, as well as providing the correct foundation for their adult teeth to come in.

Tip #2 Keep it simple and stay positive

Here at Kings Langley Dental we encourage our young patients to have fun on their trip to the dentist, we like to keep them involved in the process and educate them about oral hygiene during their visit. When preparing for a visit, especially the first time, try not to include too many details. Doing so will raise more questions, and adding more information about an extra treatment like a filling he might need may cause unnecessary anxiety. "Don't use the 'S' (shot),'H' (hurt) or 'P' (pain) words with children. Instead, tell your child that the dentist is looking for "sugar bugs" so she can clean them off their teeth. "My favourite thing to have parents tell their child is that we are going to check their smile and count their teeth", says Dr Renee Rathi. Children take consideration of their parents so if you are excited to visit the dentist, your child is more likely to be excited as well. Maybe make their next trip feel like an exciting excursion for you and your child to go on together. Once you get the little ones here we will take care of the rest. We aim to make your child’s visit entertaining and fun and ensure they are involved in the process of their treatment or check-up.

Tip #3 Educate your children about good oral hygiene

Let your children know about the importance of visiting the dentist, emphasize the significance of cleaning their teeth. At Kings Langley Dental we will make a point of educating your children on the benefits of good oral health and why it is important to brush every day. That’s why having support from you is always a good way to get the message across with the little guys. Rewarding your child for going to the dentist is not great way to help them with their fear or apprehension towards the dental office. Promising they can get a reward at the end of their visit only makes them question why they would need to be rewarded. Saying, "If you don't fuss or cry, you'll get a lollipop," might make your little one think, "What's so bad about the dentist that I might want to cry?" Promising a sugary treat also sends the wrong message after a dentist emphasizes having clean, healthy teeth by avoiding sweets that can cause cavities. Instead, after the visit is over, praise your child for her good behaviour and bravery. At Kings Langley Dental we can make your child’s first trip fun and exciting, we don’t expect that every child’s experience will be a no fuss trip, but by introducing them to the dentist early, staying positive and by educating your children, we can work together to create a comfortable atmosphere that your kids can look forward to visiting.